when results are being affected because people are struggling to adapt or accept a change

when orthodox and mainstream methods don’t seem to be appropriate

a major change of some sort is imminent

when all else has failed and time is running out to get a change fully implemented or a problem solved

problems are persistent and seem intractable



Less difficulty during periods of change

Acceptance of change

Less likelihood you will need to replace or redeploy people because they cannot adapt

Problems sorted out much faster

It frees up a lot of management time that was being spent on fire fighting persistent problems

Individuals and teams function better

New and different ways of resolving issues



Apply our methods and get people to really understand what the issues are, accept and acknowledge their part in them and then help them to develop new skills and methods to sort the issues out quickly.


our clients will testify to that.


very, but it is not complex, time consuming, theoretical or confrontational.


by lengthy operational business experience, specialist training and education all of which is ongoing.


They save enormous amounts of time, stress and rework. 


Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Chemical, Diamond, IT. 


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