The main benefits that have been reported back to us from managers are:-

Greater ownership and responsibility being taken for achieving operational targets (e.g. production, efficiency, quality, service, timeliness)

Improved results / performance

More effective cooperation and team work

Less management time taken up by problems being passed up the line

Problems being resolved at the appropriate management level

Difficult performance issues being resolved properly, less concealing or avoiding poor performance

Dealing more effectively with unprofessional behaviour

More openness about good and poor performance

Less fear, anxiety and stress at work

Fewer project over runs either in time or costs

More inter-department collaboration

The number of meetings has reduced and they take less time

Reorganisations are less problematic and contentious

More open and frank conversations and discussions take place

Managers seem to have more time and are less stressed

Staff more willing to challenge and question management in a constructive way

What we have listed above has been reported back to us from managers who have used outmethods, there are more comments on

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