Below are some of the most frequent comments about our approach to problem solving and making changes both in business and personally. For reasons of commercial and personal confidentiality we don’t name the individuals who made these comments on our website. However if you are interested in talking to them about their experience of our methods then we can, with their permission, put you directly in touch with them.


“It is a completely different way of thinking”

Senior Manager Oil & Gas Company



“It is so simple yet unbelievably powerful we started to get things sorted out instead of having endless meetings”

Section Manager



“We stopped putting unrealistic deadlines and dealt with the real problems we were having when we adopted this approach, then we started delivering on time”

Project Manager Chemical Production



“The only programme I have attended that has genuinely made a difference both professionally and personally, my partner asked to attend”

Sales Manager



“I realised I was the biggest block to my own progression but this course showed why and what to do about it”

Senior Manager Diamond Industry



“We didn’t just learn a different approach we really began to work more effectively with each other, that is real progress round here”

Team Leader



“This approach has helped us to solve real problems and stop fire fighting the symptoms”

Head of Customer Services, large UK insurance co.



“Managers consult us properly now before they change things that’s a real break through for us”

Service and Sales Adviser



“Productivity went up over 10% within weeks of adopting this approach to solving business issues”

Manager of one the UK’s largest call centres



“I was really sceptical almost hostile to this approach but I was proved wrong, it was of great benefit to me operationally and personally”

Director UK Insurance Company



“This is the first course I’ve been on in 20 years that has really helped me with work – life balance”

Marketing Manager Diamond Industry