Welcome to the longer part of our site, here we explain how we came to develop our methods and approach, the basis of what we do and how we do it.


Our approach has been developing during the last 15 years as a result of working in companies in the UK, USA, Australia, France and Hong Kong.  The industries we have worked with have been as diverse as IT, Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Chemical and Diamond.  We take a fundamentally different approach to managing change, problem solving and performance improvement.  We have developed our methods as a result of combined experience of over 30 years of working in or with companies at senior management and board level, a process of continuous research and development of the theoretical basis for our  methods, feedback from over 4000 people and the results of seven major projects in six different industries.  In the beginning our business experience in management and international consultancy showed us that the approaches of the 80ís and 90ís werenít producing the long term benefits they were predicting.  In many cases most attempts at solving a business problem began with restructures and reorganisations which then led to more restructures and reorganisations with people caught in the middle.  We found that the impact on people was usually detrimental and yet people were the key to solving problems.  So changes that were designed to improve performance depended on people but the whole process had a negative impact on the people who were vital to its success.  A paradox that seemed difficult to escape from was the point that we began developing our approach.