Below are some of the more challenging situations we have encountered and had to resolve!

The strength of feeling between management and staff was so strong that we couldn't run mixed workshops because staff wouldnít talk openly with managers present and vice versa.

Some senior managers became opposed to the training because we were told that they were supportive of company initiative that had been introduced by their Chief Executive, when in fact they were completely opposed to it.

We realised that some managers actually preferred their business to be dysfunctional rather than functioning, because they were worried that they would be surplus to requirements if things got sorted out and the business functioned well.

A senior executive who was the sponsored of a programme of changes didnít tell us that they didnít want to attend workshops to discuss the changes they were introducing. As time passed they found themselves being criticised for not attending and their non- attendance was interpreted as not supporting a programme they were sponsoring. As a result this brought into question if the business was really serious about the changes they were making. We didnít deal with this at the outset and this undermined the programme until we resolved the situation.