An urgent need to change e.g. mergers or takeovers, new legislation, competition, changes to a market place, new technology, resources running out etc.

When morale was low and affecting team working, cooperation and results

A new marketing strategy was needed to accommodate changes to the structure of a market place

Results were in a downward spiral and costs were in an upward spiral

New working practices had to be implemented quickly but people were hostile to them

Changes to procedures and an improvement in results had to be achieved simultaneously

A change from an autocratic and aggressive management style to a more democratic style but staff didn’t trust new management

Behavioural change had been ‘done’ but people were still ‘behaviourally’ the same

Problems were often discussed but never sorted out

The organisational structure needed to change urgently

Staff survey results were bad

Internal communication and cooperation are poor despite numerous initiatives to improve them

Performance has reached a plateau, people are comfortable, but business needs to increase

Training and Development doesn’t seem to have helped to change things yet the programmes are excellent

Raising good results to excellent results

When individuals are to move to more challenging and senior roles