Our methods are pragmatic, uncomplicated and grounded in the realities of business and life today. They are founded upon our experience that people and organisations have ways of operating that range from being constructive and productive to defensive and counter productive. That this range of behaviours and ways of thinking i.e. ‘being at their best’ or ‘being at their worst’ does not substantially change but depending on circumstances can expand in either direction. Our methods are based on developing the skills and capabilities needed to be able to keep performing at the ‘being at the best’ end of the scale.

We know that:-

Thinking and behaviour lag behind intellectual awareness and acceptance of change and failure to recognise this is one of the main reasons why people and businesses experience difficulties during periods of change.

Being able to anticipate, respond quickly and adapt to changing circumstances is not an intellectual or intuitive ability. There is a process which can be learned, practiced and developed that enables organisations and individuals to be more effective and experience less difficulty during change.

The ability to understand the nature, structure and content of change can be learned. How to put yourself or your organisation in a position to anticipate, respond and adapt to changes appropriately is a matter of equipping yourself with knowledge, analytical skills and disciplines that can help you benefit from both planned and unexpected changes.


Our approach is very practical we don’t theorise about how to change we focus on changes that are currently affecting people. Our goal is to enable people to respond well when they need to change, avoid repeating mistakes of the past and make better decisions for the future.

We provide a method to find solutions that last, so that people and organisations develop a greater capacity to respond to change more effectively.

Our approach and methods build a long term ability to be able to recognise the nature, structure and consequences of changes.

You gain a deeper understanding of the situation you are in and are provide the tools to change it or cope more effectively and improve performance and results.

Our methods identify the important issues and help to understand and explain why some attempts at change seem to work and others fail. They provide a framework to analyse current situations that allows a depth of insight that was previously unavailable.

Initially the focus is on developing understanding and insight of how current ways of thinking and behaving is affecting people, business results and events.