John has worked in the consulting industry for the past 19 years. He has held a number of significant roles over this time assisting clients in the area of major organisational behavioural change and problem solving. Over the past 7 years John has worked with De Beers, BHP Billiton, Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society and Associated Octel on projects ranging in duration between 2 and 5 years and involving between 300 and 2500 employees. All of these projects have involved working with individuals and groups within these organisations to develop their ability to change and solve problems. Prior to this John worked for Kinsley Lord, a specialist consultancy in change management (part of the Towers Perrin Group), where he led the development of their new change management methodology. Clients during this time included, Shell Chemicals, Shell Exploration, Barclays Life, Imperio, Eversheds and Associated Octel. Before joining Kinsley Lord John worked for KPMG Management Consulting in the UK. During this time he helped establish and later run their change management practise in the UK. John also represented the UK on the global change management leadership team. Clients during this time included, Hewlett Packard, Apple Computers, Standard Chartered Bank and Nestle.
Johnís is currently researching management team responses to change and their organisational impact.



Grahamís previous roles during the last seventeen years have been, Head of Agency Services Abbey Life, Resident Vice President Citibank Life, Director Customer Services Legal & General, Head of Learning and Development Liverpool Victoria and Head of Customer Services Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society, Head of Training and Development at The Diamond Trading Company (De Beers) and consultant in change management at Barclays and BHP Billiton. These roles have all involved major change and restructuring processes. Graham has been responsible for multi million pound projects ranging from establishing new organisations within the UK, improving productivity and efficiency, developing customer services processes, implementing major technological changes, restructuring and re engineering organisations, designing and implementing international management development programmes.

Grahamís specialist areas are: - organisational and behavioural change, developing mental toughness to improve performance, problem solving, advanced coaching skills and is currently researching Ďperformance inhibitioní, i.e. the factors that inhibit individual and organisational performance causing people and organisations to perform below their known capability and competence. In addition Graham lectures part-time in International Human Resources Management at Southampton Business School.